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Viatical and Senior Settlements

Long-Term Care Female Physician Smiles at and Comforts her Senior Patient in a WheelchairSenior or Viatical settlements offer a unique opportunity for seniors or chronically ill individuals with in force life insurance policies to receive proceeds while they are alive. Large institutional investors can purchase an existing life insurance policy and provide the insured or owner with a lump sum of cash. After the purchase of the policy has been completed, the insured (or prior owner) stops making premium payments. The funds received from the sale can be used without any limitations. The money is yours to spend at your discretion.

Safe Harbour Insurance in Plymouth, Massachusetts can facilitate the sale of a policy on your behalf. We have access to hundreds of large institutional investors that purchase life insurance contracts for their portfolios. We will go to market and in most instances receive multiple offers, to help you secure the most favorable terms and best offer. Please contact our office to start the process.